Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Jeevan Anand (149)

LIC Jeevan Anand

Jeevan Anand is one of the super hit policies of LIC. An excellent option for the people who wants to secure their own life and make something for their family or children on their death. This is a double cover policy.

What is the unique feature of Jeevan Anand that makes everyone like it?

If a person takes Jeevan Anand policy for 10 lacs for a period of 20 years and if his current age is 30 years then he will get an amount of 10 lacs + bonus at the age of 50. This is happening in most of the insurance plans but what is special about Jeevan Anand?

As told before Jeevan Anand is a double cover plan. After the policy premium payment period also the risk cover continues. If the policy holder dies after the policy paying period the nominee will be provided 10 lac rupees. If the policy holder died because of accident then the nominee will be provided an amount of 20 lac rupees. This DAB (Double Accident Benefit) facility amount is provided if the policy holder opts to take the DAB rider while taking the policy. In Jeevan Anand this DAB benefit is applicable till age 70 of the policy holder after the premium paying term. After age 70 if the policy holder dies his nominee will be given an amount of rupees 10 lacs. Checkout for a free sample presentation with an example in the future posts.

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